Charles Chamberlain Federal Building Lobby Improvements


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 charles chamberlain federal building lobby improvements

             Project Description

This project was constructed in five consecutive phases in order to allow the

owner continued use of the facility throughout construction activities. Allied was

responsible for temporary barricades and public directional signage installation,

 relocation, and removal.

Phase I – Construction of temporary wood framed ramp for accessible

Phase II – Construction of new security office entrance and adjacent

      interior ramp adjoining the lower lobby to the upper lobby.

Phase III – construction of new interior stair and adjacent ramp.

Phase IV – Construction of new vestibule, new concrete sidewalk, and all

     new remaining interior improvements,

Phase V – Consisted of removing all temporary barricades and patch and

      repair necessary due to construction activity, restore existing landscaping to original condition


PROJECT MANAGER:  Matt Guyot   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                PROJECT VALUE: $439,000.00





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